July 19, 2017

Guaranteed Nursing Moments of Happiness in Hospital Corridors

Guaranteed Nursing Moments of Happiness in Hospital Corridors

Let's face it, being a nurse has its ups and downs. Moments of sadness, frustration, anger, shock. Moments of happiness, laughter, fun, thankfulness. We've gathered five of our favorite happy moments caught in hospital corridors that involve our favorite people--nurses.

  • When "Tall Sarah" showed up to her shift, 5 year old Gideon Robinson didn't hesitate in asking his favorite nurse her hand in marriage.

  • When nurse Matt Hickling learned that his four year old patient, Abby, wanted to marry her favorite nurse, he put together the most adorable surprise wedding!

  • When Bailey Miller decided to surprise her favorite nurse after a surprising recovery, we remember how invested nurses are in their patients.

  • Renee Hendrix spent over 30 years helping to take care of the youngest patients in the NICU, and this heartwarming surprise is something ALL nurses can appreciate.

  • Florence Rigney , the United State's oldest working nurse, deserved a birthday to remember!

Which video was your favorite? Did we miss any? Sending warm thoughts and positive vibes to all our nurses out there. We support you!

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