September 15, 2017

Best Hospitals in Massachusetts for Nurses in 2017

Best Hospitals in Massachusetts for Nurses in 2017 analyzed 521 surveys of nurses from 68 hospitals in Massachusetts to rank the best hospitals to work for in the state of Massachusetts.

1. Brigham and Women's Faulkner Hospital


4.8 Average Rating
100% Recommended

"Great experience. Coworkers are always ready to help."

"This is a fantastic hospital and was a great location to learn from well educated and highly experienced coworkers."

"Super friendly coworkers who assist you."

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2. Massachusetts General Hospital


4.7 Average Rating
95% Recommended

*Magnet Hospital

"A great organization with every opportunity to learn and gain skills to be a proactive clinician and advocate."

"Coworkers are great and everyone works together."

"It is a great hospital with many great opportunities for advancement."

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3. Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Boston, MA

4.5 Average Rating
100% Recommended

"Working at Beth Israel becomes like a second home for you, everyone becomes family. You are never alone, everyone is a team and value you for your work."

"I feel that this hospital has a great environment to help teach new nurses and welcome in the help as they need it! I could have asked for a better start to my career."

"There are a lot of learning opportunities and the staff is great."

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4. Brigham and Women's Hospital


4.6 Average Rating
90% Recommended

"It's a nurse driven hospital because of the strong union."

"All staff is considered and appreciated and treated as equals to upper level providers."

"Great learning experience and very knowledgeable staff."

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5. Cape Cod Hospital


4.4 Average Rating
100% Recommended

"Coworkers, doctors, schedule, and pay were great at this hospital."

"Great people. Awesome staff."

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6. Boston Medical Center


4.2 Average Rating
100% Recommended

"The nursing staff, medical staff, and ancillary staff are the most dedicated to [patient] care that I have ever experienced in my long career."

"Great people to work with and collaborative practice with physicians."

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7. Tufts Medical Center


4.1 Average Rating
100% Recommended

"It has many good aspects and affords a nurse many opportunities for practice and upward mobility."

"Tufts is a great place to work. Nurses are team players and orientation is thorough."

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8. Lowell General Hospital (tie)

Lowell, MA

4.0 Average Rating
100% Recommended

*Magnet Hospital

"Incredible support for nurses."

"It's a great place to learn and be part of a team."

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8. North Shore Medical Center (tie)

Salem, MA

4.0 Average Rating
100% Recommended

"Everyone is super friendly and awesome and very welcoming."

"Coworkers were like a second family."

"Patient centered care with compassion."

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10. Charlton Memorial Hospital

Fall River, MA

3.9 Average Rating
93% Recommended

"The unit I work on has a good team spirit and good morale. The management is positive and supportive."

"Staff is well educated and can be used as a resource."

"Nursing staff is very supportive."

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Methodology: surveyed 521 nurses from 68 hospitals in the state of Massachusetts from 2015-2017 for this report. Hospitals with less than ten reviews were excluded from our list. The ranking order is based on the average rating and the percent of nurses who would recommend their hospital.

Media Contact: If you have any questions, please contact Charles Sipe at

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