December 7, 2020

Beyond The Bedside with Nurse Alice and Nurse Haskins

Beyond The Bedside with Nurse Alice and Nurse Haskins

Nurse Alice and Nurse Haskins share their unfiltered advice on topics that matter most to the nursing community. It’s part mentorship, part lecture, and mostly a great conversation between nurse friends! 

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Nursing School Advice

Top Tips To Get Free Money For Nursing School

We both started as CNAs and have worked our way up the nursing ladder to Nurse Practitioners. Here are our best tips to access the most free money for college and reduce our student loan debt. 

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How To Prepare For Nursing School

Nurse Alice and Nurse Haskins both started as CNAs and today they are Nurse Practitioners who worked their way up the healthcare ladder. This is their best advice on preparing to be successful in nursing school. 

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Nursing Professor and Nurse Practitioner Share Advice For Nursing Students During COVID-19

A nursing professor and nurse practitioner, with over 20 years experience each, share their best advice to help nursing students who are trying to continue classes during the COVID-19 pandemic. Watch this if you are a struggling nursing student during the pandemic who might be missing clinicals or doing online classes. 

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Nursing School Clinicals During COVID-19: Online School For Nursing Students

Some nursing students and new grads are worried that they will not have traditional clinicals due to COVID-19 and having to do nursing school online. Nurse Alice and Nurse Haskins give great advice in this episode. 

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New Nurses

The Best Advice For New Nurses in Their First Year Working

In this episode, Nurse Alice has two special guests on the show to talk about their first year working as a nurse and why nursing orientation is so different from what we learned in nursing school. Nurse Stefan discusses the challenges he has faced and overcome as a new nurse, male nurse and traveling nurse. Nurse Georgie is still a “newer” nurse, with 3 years experience, she speaks directly to new nurses and offers excellent advice to those who might still be struggling with anxiety and confidence issues. They also share advice they would give their younger self during their first year as a new nurse.

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New Grad Nurses With Anxiety When Calling Doctors

Lots of new nurses experience anxiety when calling doctors. In this episode the hosts discuss the issues surrounding that anxiety and talk about ways  to prepare for the dreaded phone call so that you can talk to doctors confidently and do what is best for your patients. 

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Workplace Struggles

Advice For New Nurse Preceptorship and Dealing With Difficult Coworkers

Let's tackle some complex issues that new grads and experienced nurses face,

  • Advice for getting the most out of your preceptorship
  • Overcoming anxiety as a nurse
  • Dealing with difficult coworkers 

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Nurse Bullying - When Does Constructive Feedback Become Bullying?

"I gave a nurse feedback. She accused me of bullying. When does constructive feedback become bullying?" Let's talk about it. 

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Nurse Bullying vs Constructive Feedback: This Is How To Know The Difference

Here is how to tell if you are being bullied or offered constructive feedback. We also give tips on positive communication as a new nurse and charge nurse. 

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This is How To Deal With Bullying in The Workplace as a Nurse

How to deal with frustrations and disappointments of not getting into nursing school or getting the job you wanted, to explaining incivility, bullying and violence in the workplace, and how to deal with it, along with answering all your fabulous questions. 

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The “New Normal” For Nurses and Nursing Students

This is how COVID-19 might change the future for nurses and nursing students. From two nurse practitioners who are working through the pandemic. 

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This is How COVID-19 Has Changed The Future of Nursing 

Let's talk about how the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the future of nursing for nursing students, new grad nurses and seasoned nurses. Of course, things are still changing but, this is what we know so far. 

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Nurse Career Advice

How Much Experience Do Nurses Need Before Advancing Their Education

"I have 6 months experience as a Registered Nurse and I'm thinking about getting my next degree soon. How much experience do I need before going for an advanced nursing degree?" In this episode of Beyond The Bedside, Nurse Practitioners Alice and Nurse Haskins discuss this topic.

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Some RNs Make As Much Money As Nurse Practitioners But Is It Worth it?

Registered Nurses can make over $100K per year and even as much as Nurse Practitioners. But, there are other reasons besides money why it's still worth it to become a Nurse Practitioner (NP) In this episode of Beyond The Bedside two Nurse Practitioners, Alice and Nurse Haskins, talk about the reasons why getting an advanced nursing degree and becoming a Nurse Practitioner is worth it. Including higher salary, better hours, scope of practice, job description, autonomy of care and work/life balance.

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How To Know When It’s Time To Advance Your Nursing Degree

Deciding to advance your nursing degree is a big decision. Alice and Nurse Haskins have made that decision many times over as they advanced from CNA to LPN to ADN to BSN to MSN. In fact, Nurse Alice is currently working on her Ph.d. In this episode of Beyond The Bedside, the hosts discuss how to know when it’s time to get the next nursing degree and if that is the best decision or not. 

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Patient Care  

This Is What Nurses Should Do If Patients Refuse To Wear Facemasks

In this episode Nurse, Alice and Nurse Haskins discuss what to do to protect yourself as a nurse, your community, and your family if you are caring for a COVID-19 positive patient who refuses to wear a mask. 

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Nursing School vs. Real Life - Head to Toe and Focused Assessments

On this episode of #BeyondTheBedside Nurse Alice and Nurse Haskins break down an interaction between a new grad and a preceptor who had a disagreement on the amount of time the new nurse was taking to complete a head to toe assessment. They discuss the differences between a head to toe assessment vs focused assessments; and when it’s okay and NOT okay to cut corners when it comes to assessments. 

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Social Issues

Solutions to Combat Social and Racial Injustice in Healthcare

Two NPs share their stories and solutions for a better future. Nurse Practitioners, Alice and Nurse Haskins have been nurses each for over 20 years. They've experienced racial disparities and social injustice within their profession and in their communities. These are actionable steps that we can all take.

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Getting Real About Social Injustice in Healthcare

2 Nurse Practitioners with over 20 years experience, each, share their experience with social and racial disparities in healthcare. 

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Nurses React To Dr. Pimple Popper Criticizing a Nurse’s Article 

On Twitter, "Dr. Pimple Popper" Sandra Lee shared a WebMD article penned by Elizabeth Hanes, BSN, RN on the difference between sun poisoning and a sunburn with the comment, “Why would a registered nurse explain this? Why not a dermatologist?” adding an eye-rolling emoji for effect. Although Lee’s original tweet has since been deleted, many captured screenshots of it before she took it down. This caused a backlash from the nursing community. In this video 2 Nurse Practitioners discuss whether Doctors truly understand the nurse's scope of practice. 

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Meet the Hosts of Beyond the Bedside

Alice Benjamin, APRN, MSN, ACNS-BC, FNP

Alice Benjamin, APRN, MSN, ACNS-BC, FNP, also known as Nurse Alice, is a cardiac clinical nurse specialist and family nurse practitioner with over 23 years of healthcare experience. She is a community health activist, freelance media health expert and CEO of I Am Nurse Approved. As an advanced practice nurse (APRN), she has had the privilege of being a media health expert.  Media outlets and viewers appreciate her perspectives, professionalism, and expertise. Alice has appeared many times on national television shows and networks including,

  • NBC 
  • FOX News 
  • CNN
  • HLN
  • KTLA
  • Dr. Oz 
  • The Doctors

Follow @asknursealice on Instagram and Facebook 

Alice is a contributor to’s blog where she writes about her unique career journey and gives advice to those who want to accomplish similar goals. 

Read Alice's blog articles! 

Nurse Haskins CNA, LPN, ADN, BSN, MSN, FNP-BC

Ali’Ce Haskins MSN, APRN, CME-C, FNP-BC, better known as “Nurse Haskins”, inspires nurses and nursing students through her motivational journey and success advice. She started as a CNA and moved up the nursing ladder from CNA to LPN to ADN to BSN to MSN. Today, she’s a Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner who loves what she does. Nurse Haskins is on a personal mission to empower others to not only follow their dreams but, to teach them how to obtain advanced nursing degrees without living a life in debt! A published author and founder of Nurse Haskins, PLLC, this influential motivational speaker has hosted nurse empowerment events and sponsors an annual nursing scholarship in honor of the life of her son. You can follow her on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube @nurse_haskins

Nurse Haskins is a contributor to’s blog where she writes about her challenges, accomplishments, and mentors nursing students on financial literacy and success. 

Read Nurse Haskins' blog articles here!  

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