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From nurse career planning to nursing student note-taking and resume templates,’s downloads are here to help you succeed in your educational and professional goals as a nurse, a new grad nurse, or a nursing student. 

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How To Take The Best Color-Coded Note in Nursing School

Taking color-coded notes is a valuable skill to have to help you retain information and study better. This guide teaches you a specific strategy to take color-coded notes. 

How to take the best color coded notes in nursing school

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Career Planning Guide

If you’re thinking about becoming a nurse, are a nursing student, or are a current nurse who is ready to transition careers - this guide will help guide you to make the best professional decisions. 

Nurse Career Planning (Guide)

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Nurse Resume Templates

Writing a nursing resume can feel overwhelming. It’s no easy task! Nowadays, nursing resumes must be able to pass through resume reading software before it even reaches a recruiter. That’s why we’ve put together THREE nurse resume templates to cater to your unique professional needs and employment situation. 

Nurse Resumes (Templates)

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New Nurse Resume Templates

Creating a resume as a new grad with no nursing experience or with non-nursing healthcare experience can be challenging. Don’t worry, has two templates for you to choose from - depending on if you have healthcare experience or not. 

New Nurse Resumes (Templates)

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Nurse Interview Prep-Kit (Workbook)

Interviewing isn’t easy - for anyone! It’s important to be overly prepared to put your best foot forward during every stage of the interview process. put together this super helpful workbook packed full of exercises, sample questions and checklists to help you ace your next interview. 

Nurse Interview Prep (Workbook)

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Nursing Behavioral Interview Flash Cards With Answers (Workbook)

Healthcare employers are increasingly asking behavioral questions - this means they want to know exactly how you will perform during different circumstances. They will be asking for you to provide examples of specific scenarios. Sound overwhelming? Don’t fret, has over 50 behavioral interview questions to help you practice. We’ve even included sample answers! 

31 Nursing Interview Questions with Answers

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