December 17, 2018

Top 11 Nurses You’ll Meet At Work -This Will Make You Laugh!

Top 11 Nurses You’ll Meet At Work -This Will Make You Laugh!

By Mariam Yazdi, RN

You may know one (or two), you may be one (or two). Let’s have a laugh!

1. The Over-Charter

I get that if it wasn't charted it wasn't done, but writing "will continue to monitor" as a q1h progress note probably isn't going to hold you in court. 


2. The Neat Freak

I'm pretty sure no one cares that your handwriting isn't on fleek when you're labeling the tubing. MOVE ON SISTA. 


3. The Equipment Hogger

This isn't the apocalypse okay, I'm sure if you ask enough, you'll find the bladder scanner again. And another IV pump. And the thermometer.


4. The Mellow Jello

No matter what, everything rolls of this person like it’s no big deal. “Hey your patient pulled out his IV. Hey your patient’s family is throwing a fit. Hey, your patient is trying to get out of bed again. Does anything stress you out?!?!?


5. The Suggestion Queen

"Are you sure your patient looks comfortable? Maybe they need an extra dose of pain medicine. Have you tried asking for a PCA? You should reposition them a little."


6. The Braniac

I'm sorry Phill, I don't really want to know the equation that contributes to the Anion Gap...just co-sign my insulin please :)


7. The Nosey One

"Hey, what was your patient's family fighting about? Did you hear Dr. Q is dating Becky? Who was the nurse taking care of the rapid response patient? 


8. The Black Cloud

Stay away from me, and order a bottle of holy water from pharmacy, please. 


9. The One with Unrealistic Expectations

"I just got report, and my patient is a mess. The foley bag isn't labeled, there are three extra bottles of body soap, the board still says yesterday’s date. What did they do all day?!"


10. The Clog Clunker 

Clunk clunk clunk clunk clunk clunk clunk, girl pick up those feet! 


11. The Potluck King

"Alright guys, tomorrow is Tuesday, I'm thinking a Taco Tuesday potluck is in order."

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