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How Much Does a Medical Assistant Make?

There are many people who seem made to work in healthcare. Some spend decades adding to their education to become specialized physicians, advanced practice nurses, or pursue other high-level healthcare …

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Top Entry-Level Healthcare Administration Jobs

Thinking of making a change to a more fulfilling, stable career? Look no further than a career in healthcare. With recent market reports from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics … Staff By: Staff

What is Medical Billing and Coding? Codes & Fundamentals

Medical billing and coding are behind-the-scenes operations that keep healthcare services running smoothly. This guide will explain the duties of each position, what the difference is between the two, and …

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Top 5 In-Demand Work-From-Home Healthcare Jobs

One of the best-kept secrets in the healthcare industry is the number of work-from-home jobs available in healthcare administration right now. Many of these jobs offer competitive salaries with the … Staff By: Staff

How to Become an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)

Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) are healthcare heroes, relied upon and respected for their calm and competence in the face of crisis. This highly rewarding entry-level healthcare career often serves as … Staff By: Staff

How to Become a Health Information Technician

Looking for a healthcare career that puts your organizational, analytical and technical skills to good use? Becoming a health information technician may be the perfect profession for you. Health information …

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How to Become a Social Worker

By: Kathleen Gaines MSN, BA, RN, CBC According to U.S. News & World Report, being a social worker ranks #12 in best social services jobs and #85 in 100 best … Staff By: Staff

How to Become an EKG Technician

Part One What Is an EKG Technician? An electrocardiograph technician, also known as an EKG technician, is an allied healthcare professional who uses specialized equipment to measure the heart’s electrical … Staff By: Staff

This is How to Get Started in Medical Billing and Coding

A medical coding and billing specialist is a person who provides essential healthcare communication between medical offices and insurance companies.Medical billing and coding is a unique path for those interested … Staff By: Staff

How to Become a Healthcare Manager

Becoming a Healthcare Manager is a natural choice for those who are interested in the healthcare field from an administrative and business perspective rather than the clinical side. Learn more …