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New Grad Nurse Skipped the Hospital

By Keith Carlson, BSN, RN, NC-BC When I finished nursing school, I told my classmates and professors that I wasn’t going to look for a hospital or med/surg job. You …

Soyeon Kim By: Soyeon Kim

6 Times Nurses Restored Your Faith In Humanity

By Brittany Hamstra, RN As you may imagine, working as a nurse on a pediatric oncology floor comes with its fair share of difficult times and heartbreaking moments. That’s why …

Lee Nelson By: Lee Nelson

How to Become a Flight Nurse

What is a Flight Nurse? Flight nurses, also known as transport nurses, are registered nurses that are trained to provide medical care as they transport patients in either rotor (helicopter) … Staff By: Staff

New Nurse Saves Woman's Life On A Plane

By Brittany Hamstra, RN The following is a true story that happened within my first 6 months of becoming an RN. I wrote about this experience to remind myself why …

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