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Kimi Guth By: Kimi Guth

Dealing With Work Stress? Pet A Pooch

We all need to unwind at some point. Work can be demanding, and stress can affect our health (aka the dreaded nurse burnout ). Typically, we try and work out …

Kathleen Gaines By: Kathleen Gaines

Guilt Trip: Calling In Sick When You're A Nurse

By Kathleen Colduvell RN, BSN, BA, CBC We've all been there. Your throat feels like you swallowed a bag of razor blades, your head feels like someone's squeezing the back …

Amy Blitchok By: Amy Blitchok

Proposed Federal RN Ratios - What You Can Do About It

For years, nurses across the nation have been asking for safer staffing ratios. With tighter budgets and substantial increases in the number of patients, nurses have been working in situations …

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