May 13, 2016

Dealing With Work Stress? Pet A Pooch

Dealing With Work Stress? Pet A Pooch

We all need to unwind at some point. Work can be demanding, and stress can affect our health (aka the dreaded nurse burnout ). Typically, we try and work out our stress with some therapy - massages, mental relaxation and, for the bold, acupuncture.

Fortunately, it turns out those of us who are under stress don’t need to turn to needles just yet.

More Than Just Cute Faces

Recently at Rush University Medical Center, dogs from a local animal shelter were brought in for the nursing staff to pet and play with.

The obvious appeal is nice - cute dogs are brought into the hospital to be played with. Who doesn’t like playing with animals?

However, it turns out that dogs, and pets in general, help beyond their cuteness.

One nurse at Rush University Medical Center took his blood pressure before and after a 10 minute pet-sesh with a labradoodle. Over that time, his blood pressure fell almost 10 points.

Save A Life Outside Of The Hospital

Lowering stress levels is great, but pets can help us beyond that. Nurses have busy schedules making it hard to spend time with people. Also, travel nurses might have a hard time meeting people in a new area.

Dogs, cats and all other sorts of creatures can make great companions. They’re there when you need them most, and they’re always happy to see you!

Some nurses figured this out instantly. At a similar event in Chicago, nurses ended up adopting half a dozen dogs. Not only can you get the companionship of a lovable furball by adopting, but you could end up saving its life!

So next time you’re stressed at work, consider finding a new best friend. And if you already have one, be sure to convince your supervisor to let you bring them in for the day!

Has a pet helped you through a stressful time? Be sure to share the story with your fellow nurses on our Facebook page.


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