January 14, 2018

Nurse Blake: 5 Types Of Nursing Students (This Will Make You Laugh!)

Nurse Blake: 5 Types Of Nursing Students (This Will Make You Laugh!)

By Blake Lynch, "Nurse Blake"

Are you a nursing student? Have you been to nursing school? Do you teach nursing students? If so, I give it a 110% chance you’ve met one of these nursing students. Heck, you probably are one - or a mixture of a few! Listen to my real life nursing school meltdown live on this podcast episode.

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1. The Question Asker

“Excuse me, I have a question.” Oh yes, you know exactly who I’m talking about. This person asks questions like they are going out of style. Back-to-back-to-back questions, all class long. You can’t help but crack up each time this person raises their hand. Probably roll your eyes just a little, too. 

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2. The Storyteller

Haha! This person could literally write a book about their life and every person they’ve ever come in contact with. When a story comes to their mind, they just HAVE to share it. To them, there is no other option. Guess what, they will share their story whether anyone likes it or not. 

3. The Anxious One

There are so many things to be anxious about in nursing school, exams, clinical, skills check offs. Worry is definitely part of the territory. But, this person totally spins out of control with the tiniest mishap. Like, OMG, I got a 98% on that quiz - my life is going nowhere.

4. The “Self Diagnoser”

Each time the professor reviews a new condition and mentions the signs and symptoms, the person immediately thinks they have the same thing. Cancer? Diabetes? Heart Failure? But, I’m so young. Then spends the next 7 hours Googling their “symptoms.”

5. The Sleepy One

ZZZZZZZZZZZ! This is the person who you have to nudge in the middle of the lecture when the professor stops speaking because this guy (or girl) is yawning so loudly. Ok, I get it, falling asleep in class is easy to do. I might have even done it a few times. Pretty sure my coffee addiction started right around college. Coincidence? I think, not.

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