October 19, 2017

Best Hospitals in Tennessee for Nurses in 2017

Best Hospitals in Tennessee for Nurses in 2017 analyzed over 1,198 surveys of nurses from 100 hospitals in Tennessee to rank the best hospitals to work for in the state of Tennessee.

1. CHI Memorial Hospital Chattanooga


4.2 Average Rating
100% Recommended

"Amazing and skilled team. Huge learning experience, fast-paced, [and] detail-oriented. These nurses are gifted and promote patient advocacy and overall high-quality care. They made me a better nurse and inspire me to continue to grow more."

"Fantastic coworkers and management. Excellent benefits package. Teamwork is encouraged on this floor. Feels more like a family working to take care of our patients than coworkers."


2. Regional One Health Medical Center


4.2 Average Rating
85% Recommended

"Great place to work. Pay was excellent. Coworkers very helpful in your transition."

"Team works well together to support each other. Training is top notch. Room for advancement."

"Pay is competitive and management is great."


3. Vanderbilt Hospital


4.2 Average Rating
94% Recommended

*Magnet Hospital

"Super administration staff."

"Well educated colleagues, encouragement to further nursing education, [and] great internal resources for nurses."

"Resources, research opportunities, connections to the main hospital, professional development opportunities, nurse residency program, [and] national conference opportunities."


4. Saint Thomas West Hospital


Average Rating 4.0
100% Recommended

"Great atmosphere and teamwork."

"Good working environment."


5. Saint Thomas Midtown Hospital


4.1 Average Rating
87% Recommended

"Great place to work. Excellent administrator."

"The staff is great [and] management is supportive."


6. Cookeville Regional Medical Center


4.1 Average Rating
86% Recommended

"Everyone is a team player. Great pay!"

"Coworkers, great doctors, new equipment, pay, benefits, new facility, insurance, opportunity to grow as a nurse, [and] computer system is user-friendly."

"Excellent benefits and staff. Training is very good."


7. The University of Tennessee Medical Center


4.0 Average Rating
92% Recommended

*Magnet Hospital

"There are many opportunities for advanced education and certification."

"Great staff and great teamwork where everyone is always willing to jump in and help."

"Many seasoned nurses work with loads of wisdom who helped train me."


8. Parkridge Medical Center


3.9 Average Rating
86% Recommended

"Pay is the best in the area. [They] work with you on scheduling."

"Very knowledgeable nurses and a laid back atmosphere. There is always someone to help. Teamwork is great amongst the doctors and nurses."

"Great place to work."


9. Methodist University Hospital


3.9 Average Rating
92% Recommended

"They make you feel very welcome and appreciated."

"Well-trained peers, many educational opportunities, [and] positive and supportive work environment."

"Devoted, professional staff. A supportive and positive place to work."


10. Blount Memorial Hospital


3.8 Average Rating
90% Recommended

"Coworkers helpful. Flexible schedule for continuing education."

"Great place to work! Everyone here is so helpful and willing to take you in and show you the ropes."

"The staff on my floor is extremely helpful and will not leave their fellow nurses behind to drown in work."


Methodology: surveyed 1,198 nurses in the state of Tennessee from 2015-2017 for this report. The ranking order is based on the average rating and the percent of nurses who would recommend their hospital. Hospitals with less than 10 nursing reviews were excluded from our list.

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