June 16, 2017

Best Hospitals in Washington for Nurses in 2017

Best Hospitals in Washington for Nurses in 2017 ranked the best hospitals in Washington state for nurses to work for based on nurse's ratings and reviews.

1. EvergreenHealth Medical Center

Average Rating 4.7
Recommended 100%

"Great teamwork with all health care providers. Great fundamentals. Great patient to nurse ratios. Great health outcomes for patients. Great pay."

"Self schedule opportunity, fair work environment, room for growth, positive employee environment, fair management, staff meeting opportunities, travel and CE opportunities too."

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2. Virginia Mason Hospital and Seattle Medical Center

Average Rating 4.6
Recommended 100%

"Everything was completely wonderful. Love everything about it."

"Amazing hospital culture and management. Great team."

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3. Swedish Hospital and Medical Center First Hill

Average Rating 4.4
Recommended 98%

"The pay was great, the employees are helpful, and the facility has lots of support for nursing."

"Great staff, tons of resources, excellent caring physicians, and a good mix of high acuity and stable patients to keep things interesting."

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4. Seattle Children’s Hospital

Average Rating 4.4
Recommended 94%

*Magnet Hospital

"Such an amazing teaching hospital, great support from upper management, wonderful culture and great physicians."

"Coworkers are amazing and the staff is just so welcoming and helpful with new grads and new staff."

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5. Kadlec Regional Medical Center

Average Rating 4.3
Recommended 100%

"Kadlec is a great place to work as a nurse. The pay is great and the hospital provides many training opportunities throughout the year to keep you up to date on new things and skills."

"It's a steady pace and the acuity ranges from low to high. Good support from co-workers and a lot of resources to pull knowledge from."

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6. University of Washington Medical Center

Average Rating 4.3
Recommended 81%

*Magnet Hospital

“It is a fabulous place to be a new nurse or learning a new specialty. Great coworkers and managers. Good cooperation among disciplines on the medical team. Opportunity for career advancement.”

"Good place to work, friendly staff and surgeons, and union represented."

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7. Providence Regional Medical Center

Average Rating 4.2
Recommended 86%

“The hospital is advanced and the facilities are exceptional. Across the board the nursing staff is supportive and a joy to work with.”

"Coworkers are helpful, management is supportive, pay is good with good differential, scheduling can be self schedule or scheduled. Large hospital with good opportunities to switch to other specialties."

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8. Harborview Medical Center

Average Rating 4.1
Recommended 93%

"Great place to work. Co-workers are very supportive and it feels like a family. Nurse to patient ratios are one of the best in Seattle. Schedules are very flexible and the benefits are great."

"It's really hard to get a position at this hospital because no one ever wants to leave. Great nurse-to-patient ratio and fun people to work with."

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9. Overlake Hospital Medical Center

Average Rating 4.1
Recommended 92%

“Excellent management and ratios. Great pay.”

"I love that we feel like a family."

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10. Wenatchee Valley Medical Center

Average Rating 4.0
Recommended 100%

“It is said that nurses eat their young, That is not the case here. Staff really do appreciate a nurse that is teachable and humble enough to say 'I don’t know, but I can find out.' We are a strong team because we know each others strengths and weaknesses.”

"It's a wonderful hospital with great staff."

Read Reviews surveyed 549 nurses in Washington state from 2015-2017 for this report. Hospitals with less than ten nursing reviews were excluded from our list.

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